Winter service and green space maintenance by SCHMIDT WEISSGRÜN

Your professional service provider for large areas in Southern Germany

Large areas are our specialty. We tackle large areas with pleasure. With our strong team and modern machine and vehicle park, we are exceptionally equipped to work in large areas. Spring, summer, fall, winter. We always maintain areas in their optimal conditions. Professional winter service with our own snow plows and efficient municipal care as well as industrial green spaces. We are efficient in these areas, and the corresponding conditions are quite interesting. Contact us at +49 7032 71728. We develop customized solutions for unique clients.

Your areas in perfect condition!

Experience. For over 20 years.

We are proud of our experience and we love to share our expertise. Our customers profit from our efficient work in both green and white spaces. We are dominant in our region, which extends throughout all of Württemberg.

We leave the planning to the experts.

One needs an eye for winter and a sense of nature. Company founder Marcus Schmidt has both. And planning is top priority for SCHMIDT WEISSGRÜN. See for yourself.

Large areas

We are highly skilled in large areas. During the summer, winter and in between. Large areas need considerable care. Winter service, green waste and leaves give rise to increasing costs. We tackle this problem head-on. Professionally.

20 years of experience

For two decades we have brought order to large areas. We clear snow, secure pathways and surfaces, and keep green spaces looking neat and maintained. We partner with businesses and municipalities. Give us a shot.


Analysis, consultation and planning. It is what we do. This results in professional service for large areas. Our customers value our reliability and high standards that keep outside facilities, streets and parks in top condition.

Professional winter service

your snowplowing and salt spreading service provider for businesses and municipalities 

Area of operation


As an entrepreneur and employer, you must keep areas and access paths clear from ice and snow according to legal requirements. You can trust us to take the job off your hands at an affordable price. We make it easy and efficient.

Retail chains

The customer is always right. This could not be more true than it is in shopping center parking lots. We ensure that parking spaces and parking garages are clear and safe before opening time.

Freight center

Clear spaces for cargo handling at night. We ensure that large handling areas are completely clear of snow and ice without delaying regular operations.

Clinics and hospitals

We take great care in working around facilities with sensitive areas. We guarantee completely safe and cleared access paths and parking lots 7 days a week round the clock. We are here for you round the clock. Fast and reliable service on-site.

Public streets

Our clients are public establishments, municipalities, or those who rely on public roads. We keep traffic moving. Safely and in all weather conditions.

Public clients

We know you are responsible for ensuring that large areas such as streets or zones around facilities such as schools, kindergartens or churches are clear and safe. Our professional winter service guarantees safe paths within the scope of legal provisions.

Residential areas

Residential areas require access which is guaranteed to be safe and clear. In all weather conditions. You can count on us to clear and secure your access paths.


Personal Advice

Marcus Schmidt is at your disposal for personal advice and planning of your optimum winter service. We look forward to getting to know you and preparing the best offer for your next winter service. Contact us!

We support you in planning your winter service in all locations:

  • Overview: locations, areas, times, specific requirements
  • Service offerings and jobs performed
  • Scheduling of salting/gritting and road clearing for in-house and external services
  • Report preparation and report dispatch to all responsible parties
    Accounting for services with clients and partners

Winter Service Performance

We are ready to provide your winter service:

  • We know the local weather conditions at any time, day or night
  • Centralized operational control 24/7 via GPS for all locations and vehicles
  • We clear and salt/grit large areas in a short time
  • Ensuring operational capability is a top priority, which is guaranteed by reserve vehicles
  • Qualified reporting of service with data exported from GPS devices
  • Automatic creation of reports with email delivery to all responsible parties
  • Best value for money with operational or seasonal packages
  • Long-term partnership and cooperation based on trust is important to us!

Our vehicle pool

Baden-Württemberg – our home land
In the regions of Stuttgart, Böblingen, Sindelfingen, Heilbronn, Karlsruhe, Rastatt, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Holzgerlingen, Herrenberg, Nagold, Tübingen, Reutlingen, Rottenburg, Hechingen we serve

  • more than 300 properties of every size (including more than 100,000 m²)
  • at all operating times (even 24/7)
  • with the most appropriate road grit 
(road salt, grit, magnesium chloride or sodium acetate)
  • with 25 winter service vehicles in the regions

Vehicle control via GPS

Our Winter Service Center has all the operational data and the current local weather information. All operations are coordinated from here, and our staff on site alerted.

Our clearing and gritting vehicles are ready throughout the region and thanks to short travel routes are quick to arrive on site 24/7.

All of our employees are controlled via mobile communication. All vehicles are equipped with GPS. The team leader knows the working status at each location. He can therefore deploy each vehicle as required by the weather conditions and the customer’s order. Reliability and good, timely performance are our highest priorities.

Reporting / Documentation via GPS Tracking

The GPS data are recorded and documented in TrackPilot, a proven communications software program. Our reporting system enables the automatic acquisition and processing of the data used in the daily reports. We can provide you and your clients with up-to date daily reports by mail for each day of use.

Assumption of liability

Assumption of road safety responsibilities

Winter service is our core business, our primary area of expertise. Therefore, we are also willing to act as contractors to handle your road safety duties. You can request a copy of our insurance policies.


Predictable costs

Best value for money

You tell us what services you expect. We calculate the best price – taking into account the optimal use of our fleet of vehicles. We would be happy to offer you our services at a flat rate for operations, or alternatively as a monthly or season package.

Geschäftsführer Marcus Schmidt

Personal consulting with perfect solution?

Call us at +49 7032 71728.

Professional care for green spaces

Service, care and trimming for businesses and municipalities.

Area of operations

Industrial green spaces

First impressions count. Green spaces in industrial areas must be maintained in tip-top shape. They represent the quality of our clients. We take this seriously, ensuring high quality and neat services. Professional care for professional clients. That is our motto.

Municipal green spaces

Whether surfaces, borders, meadows, bushings or nature reserves. We can care for almost all natural areas. We mow, trim, fertilize and cultivate. Completely unique service. As unique as our clients.


Large areas are our specialty. We care for your lawn year-round, providing services such as trimming, fertilizing, and planting or removing leaves. We care for, trim and rejuvenate trees and bushes. We keep water safe, clean and leaf-free. Everything under one roof.

Golf courses

The green is our passion. A golf course if designed for professionals and therefore must be well maintained. Based on the needs of our customers, we take over the partial or full care of their courses.


Great areas for great customers

Our customers are responsible for large areas. Whether industrial, public or municipal. Large areas of grass, hedges, borders or tress must be kept visibly clean and well maintained. Having concentrated on essential competencies, we offer unbeatable services in these areas.


Nature reserves require special care. They require expertise and intuition. We know the ropes when it comes to caring for nature reserves. We plan our operations according to the required circumstances in order to intervene in nature as little as possible and avoid disturbing natural processes.


Large areas are prone to unwanted greenery spreading rapidly. We curb such growth and ensure neat borders and beds.

Leaf removal

We remove leaves from all lawn and plant areas as well as paved bedrocks.


We keep hedges, shrubs and trees in good condition.

Lawn mowing

We mow lawns, embankments and nature reserves. The bigger the better. We are highly skilled in large areas.


Grass needs good care. Throughout the year.

We are a service provider and guarantee year-round service for your green spaces. We take our work seriously and provide high level gardening services.


We plan our work very carefully and we always provide pictures to ensure transparency. Despite our eagerness to plan ahead, we know that nature does not always follow rules. Therefore, we are ready to act spontaneously when circumstances change or unscheduled help is needed.

All inclusive

Upon request, we can take complete responsibility for your lawn care. We thoroughly adhere to clear framework conditions in a requirements specification so that you can trust in us.

Cost overview

We develop custom billing models for individual circumstances that are always transparent and fair for our clients.

Your number one partner for large areas

Call us at +49 7032 71728
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